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Fi-Med Management, Inc. acquires California and Utah-based Mediplete, looks ahead to another year of growth

Posted by Lisa Velasquez in Fi-Med News

MILWAUKEE, WI – Wisconsin-based Fi-Med Management, Inc. announced last week the acquisition of Mediplete, a growing medical billing firm with offices in Utah and southern California.

The acquisition, completed on Dec. 28, comes at the confluence of two goals: for Mediplete, the need to bring new, more efficient technologies on board for their clients in an IT-savvy environment, and for Fi-Med, the desire to expand its presence into the western U.S.

“It was a natural for the two companies to merge,” says Fi-Med President Adrian Velasquez. “Fi-Med had proven technology with proven results. Mediplete was able to bring more value to their clients without having to increase the cost to the client.”

Fi-Med has welcomed aboard all existing Mediplete employees, including the company’s owners and management team. Mediplete clients, many of them surgical centers and anesthesia groups, will continue to receive the same top-notch services they received before the acquisition, with the addition of Fi-Med’s repertoire of financial medical management services and cutting-edge technology. Fi-Med’s current clients will benefit from the additional knowledge and expertise of Mediplete’s contracting and coding specialists.

Fi-Med moves offices to accomodate expansion

Posted by Lisa Velasquez in Fi-Med News

WAUWATOSA, WI – To accommodate growth, Fi-Med Management, Inc. has moved from its 5,000 square foot building in a residential neighborhood on West Center Street to a new 13,000 square foot office space at 2200 N. Mayfair Road in Wauwatosa. Its new offices provide room for expansion and more central, accessible and visible location in a commercial district. 

Fi-Med continues to experience rapid growth, doubling its number of employees in the last year alone. The move gives the company expanded space for its current operations as well as room for an additional 30 to 40 employees. The company expects continued expansion as more independent physicians and medical labs discover the benefits of Fi-Med’s financial medical management services.