My superpower is reviewing 962,923 provider billing records for compliance risk … in less than a minute.

Results are typical. Be the hero in your hospital or health network with REVEAL/md from Fi-Med.

Get a FREE one-time list of the top ten physicians putting your network at risk.
Watch our series of 60-second videos on REVEAL/md.

Meet CPT 99490 Generating $250,000 for every 500 chronic care patients in your network.

Results are typical. Let CPT 99490 be the hero in your hospital or health network with the help of Chronic Care Management from Fi-Med.

Learn how Fi-Med and Chronic Care Management can team up to help your network reach new heights.

Jan Morgenson, Hero Before her second cup of coffee this morning, Jan found 423 claim errors … before they went out.

Results are typical. Let the industry's best billing and coding experts save your practice thousands of dollars with Revenue Cycle Management from Fi-Med.

See how Fi-Med helps you keep the pulse of your practice going strong.


Robust, full-featured predictive analytic and compliance tools for hospitals and large health networks.

Chronic Care Management

360-degree chronic care management package for hospitals, health networks, and physicians.

Revenue Cycle Management

Expert, streamlined coding and revenue cycle management services for physicians.


Reveal the providers putting your network at risk right now with the touch of a button.

Even superheroes don't have the time or resources to pull and review thousands of charts manually, and if you're doing random spot checks, you're playing a game of RAC roulette.

REVEAL/md is a secure subscription service that analyzes all of your hospital or network's billing data and shows you in minutes which providers are a current compliance risk, so you can focus on intervention and education before an audit.

Want to see more?
Watch our series of 60-second videos on REVEAL/md.
Get your free, one-time list of the top ten providers that put your hospital or network at risk.

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Chronic Care Management

Generate hundreds of thousands in unclaimed CPT 99490 revenue easily with Chronic Care Management.

If your hospital, health network, or practice isn’t capitalizing on the revenue potential in chronic care management, you’re missing out on profits of Gotham-sized proportions.

Fi-Med uses an award-winning chronic care management system that takes the heavy lifting out of managing the complex regulations of CPT code 99490, leaving you with only one tough job: explaining where all that extra revenue came from.

A few great reasons to choose Chronic Care Management:

  • Easy, HIPAA-compliant patient enrollment and management
  • 24/7 online and phone access for patients and providers
  • An always up-to-date care plan across all providers
  • Auto-generated monthly reports for Medicare
  • … and much more.
Find out how much Chronic Care Management from Fi-Med can take off your to-do list and add your bottom line.

Questions? Call us at (800) 318-0019 or send us an email.

Revenue Cycle Management

Fi-Med's coding and billing experts can mind your revenue cycle, so you can mind your patients.

Running an efficient and profitable private practice takes an orchestrated effort, and too often the physician takes on the job of conductor. But if you're spending time negotiating claims and payments and fretting over coding continuity, your attention isn't where is should be: on providing top-quality patient care.

Fi-Med's award-winning Revenue Cycle Management services streamline and manage all of your back-end operations from start to finish, including coding and compliance, billing, claim appeals, payment, and reporting. The dynamic duo of our expert team and our state-of-the-art technology not only keep you Medicare-compliant, but can help recover revenue you didn't know you were losing.

Let Fi-Med's experts start producing results for you today.

Questions? Call us at (800) 318-0019 or send us an email.

About Fi-Med

Critical tools for a fast-changing industry, brought to you by the leaders in coding and compliance.

Since 1993, Fi-Med has been working alongside healthcare providers and networks to maximize revenue and reduce risk—from catching billing errors to providing high-level safeguards against compliance risk. We’ve grown exponentially over the last 23 years, becoming trusted experts in the fields of financial healthcare management, compliance and risk assessment, and chronic care management.

Today we continue to develop and partner with some of the most robust and full-featured products and services for our customers in these markets, including:


Cloud-based subscription analytics service that turns your monthly non-PHI billing data into an instant, comprehensive report of which physicians are putting your network at risk for compliance violations and/or lost revenue, and why.

Chronic Care Management

Fi-Med uses award-winning chronic care management technology to help your network navigate and meet Medicare’s complex CPT 99490 requirements.

Revenue Cycle Management

Fi-Med's flagship suite of services—billing, coding, claim appeals, lockbox services, and more—have helped thousands of physicians and labs maximize revenue and minimize time spent on administrative tasks. Twenty years later, we continue to use the latest technology and best practices to help physicians navigate a complex healthcare billing environment and keep a healthy bottom line.


Fi-Med has been the recipient of numerous awards and accolades, including the 2006 Award for Business Growth in Wisconsin, and the 2006 Congressional Award for Outstanding and Invaluable Service to the Community. In 2007, Fi-Med founders Adrian Velasquez and Christine Krause were selected to receive the Small Business Administration’s Small Business Persons of the Year Award.

News & Resources

Comparative Billing Reports

April 14, 2016

CBR reports show the provider how he/she compares to peers in the same specialty locally and nationally, and are intended to give providers an opportunity to seek additional training and to review Medicare guidelines to ensure compliance.

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Changing Standards of Care Ushers Providers Into Confusing New Territory

April 14, 2016

Over the last few years, most hospitals and health care networks have found themselves being shuffled into and through the pipeline of new standards in patient care—a transition sparked by The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and commercial payers from a quantity-based to a quality-based system.

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