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The RAConteur: Issues Lists Take The Summer Off

Posted by J. Paul Spencer, CPC, CPC-H in The RAConteur™

Summer in the United States is a time for taking vacation, but it is understood that vacations are for people. Business, in theory, is never supposed to sleep, let alone take a day off.

No one should be lulled into the idea that the RAC contractors are taking a season off from audit activities. Last week’s quarterly report made that abundantly clear. Where there does appear to be a respite in RAC Land is in the realm of new issues being added to the respective lists of the four co0ntractors.

For the month of July, a grand total of 9 new issues have been added across all four RAC contractors. CGI, in Region B, has added 5 since the beginning of the month, with Regions A and C adding two each. Most revealing is that HDI, the Region D Rac, hasn’t added a new issue since June 27th.

As I covered in a previous post, the RACs have ramped up their hiring for future audits. Take this temporary slowdown to with either a grain of salt, a calm before the storm or the guy who’s responsible for adding things to the list being in Disneyland with mouse ears on his head. The RACs are giving providers quite a bit of work to handle in the current environment despite the lack of new issues, and we all are under no illusions that the RACs are going away.

Just accept this as a brief reminder that the RACs have barely begun to scratch the surface, despite the current “issue pause”. In the spirit of summer vacation, I’ll make today’s post brief as well, until next week……

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