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Start Now to Collect E-Prescribing Bonus

Posted by J. Paul Spencer, CPC, CPC-H in Fi-Med Services, Industry Updates, J. Paul Spencer, CPC CPC-H

Beginning on January 1st of this year, CMS is allowing the reporting of codes related to the electronic prescribing of drugs for your patients in the office setting. As long as you are paid at least 10% of your total Medicare Part B reimbursement for services in the office, with the consistent reporting of these codes, you may be eligible for a 2% bonus payment at the end of 2009.

The following are the three codes that can be reported in addition to the E/M service for the office encounter:

G8443 – Used when all prescriptions during the encounter were generated using an e-prescribing system

G8445 – Used when there are no prescriptions dispensed during the encounter.

G8446 – Used when some or all of the prescriptions at the encounter were hand-written. This would be due to the affect of state or federal law based on what was prescribed. The prescription of Schedule II drugs (narcotics) falls into this category.

In 2010 and 2011, this bonus will decrease by .5% per year. Beginning in 2012, if you are not prescribing electronically, you face being penalized with reductions in your payments for office services through Medicare Part B.

If you currently do not have the ability to prescribe electronically, there are several vendors who offer technology that will fit the needs of your practice. While CMS does not recommend one vendor more than another, it advises practices to takes into account compliance with the HIPAA rules for privacy and security when choosing software for e-prescribing.

The AMA has comprehensive information available on their website at the following link to assist you in preparing your practice for e-prescribing:

As in every case, I am available to you at any time to assist you with this and other needs of your practice. Feel free to leave a comment or contact me directly.